Thursday, September 30, 2010

'Today A Year Ago' Thursday Blog Hop

LOL .. here's what was going on exactly one year ago today, as posted on BYC in my "Building a Farm from Scratch" thread.  We were JUST starting the building process on the house.

It's officially started. After they hydro-axe came through and cleared, the very wooded, brushy property now looks like this:

It's ubelievable how "park-like" it looks just getting the underbrush out of there .. beeeee-utiful!!

To our surprise, they had formed the garage slab!!

Some builders grade dirt was brought in just to level up the land a bit under the house, but in this pic, it shows how high the front porch will be off the ground at that corner .. we have a gully off to that side of the house that will be a great view from the porch.

Then we opened a bottle of wine and sat and looked at our "house" while the sun set ..  love

As we were leaving, I spotted Mr. Copperhead in my headlights and we stopped for a photo op ...  and then helped him across the road.

I'm sure all the activity has displaced many critters .. we still see tons of deer tracks, though.. so I'll be planting my winter "let's lure the deer onto the property" grass!

It feels good to see progress .. I'm sure things will change almost daily now..

I'm off to the electric company, to give them a check so they can hook up the electric for the builder!



  1. That was fun, now I'm ready for 'today' pictures.

  2. I love reading about your journey. We are still on ours and are hopin that we will still get that house there is still a chacne we just may have to rent it for a year beforee we can actually buy it.
    Girl you should have posted your link on my blog that goes with this. You will get tons of readers that way. If you need help just let me know Ill be glad to help you with anything blog related!!