Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oh brother ..

I've been so derelict in my blog writing duties.

Yesterday I was thinking about my drive home everyday ..  from the city, past the lake, and home home in the country/woods.

So on the way home I took a dozen pictures of the trip and transition.  From 6 lanes, traffic, and redlights to rolling hills and windy two lane country roads that cut through forest, pastures, and creek bottoms.

This morning while uploading, I somehow managed to delete the pictures... not only from my camera, but from the folder I had just down loaded them to..

So THAT blog post is for another day.


Today I pick up my new rooster ..  Shiner Bock's daddy.  We are far enough along on the coop that by the time he is done with quarantine in his own cage, the coop will be ready for him to become king!

When we were working on it this past weekend, one of my hens, Cocoa, was checking it out.  They have TOTALLY ignored it and suddenly NOW it looks like something she might want to own.  She IS the Alpha hen, but I got news for her ..  this rooster has seen worse than her.  She's going to be knocked right off her little Alpha-bits!


  1. The rooster gets a coop to himself??? Sounds more like King than rooster.

  2. No no no .. but he'll be the ONLY rooster in there with his girls... lol