Monday, September 27, 2010

Angels Unawares

Hebrew 13:2
King James version reads like this:

"Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares."

The Weymouth NT says:

"Do not neglect to show kindness to strangers; for, in this way, some, without knowing it, have had angels as their guests."
This verse seems to indicate that angels can appear as people to do God's bidding.  Whether that was the case, or another example of the Lord using people to bless one another; I was without a doubt blessed with the provision of God on Saturday morning.

I was taking my motorcycle to a very highly recommended shop for her 1000 mile maintenance check Saturday morning.  They told me to be there 30 minutes early. It is located in a less-than-desirable area of town- an hour away from home -  and as it happened Steve wasn't able to go with me.  This meant not only was I going to be by myself, sitting in front of the shop early, but I was going to have to wait for the work to be done.

When I pulled up, I notice a Denny's Restaurant a couple blocks away.  Yay! Breakfast while I wait.  However, I also noticed the shops and stores in the area .. all with burglar bars and repaired windows and doors from previous break-ins.  Now, I'm not one to walk in fear, but crimes against women are in no short supply in this area and I was feeling a little vulnerable.

I phone Steve to tell him that I was there, but alone.  Before I could complete the sentence, another biker rode up on a bright silver bike and parked next to me and smiled. I told Steve I was ok now and we hung up.

As it turns out, this biker (whose name was Michael - go figure) was also a Christian and we chit chatted until the shop opened.  Ours were the first two bikes in the shop and they told us both that we'd be done in about an hour.

He offered to walk with me to Denny's - which was looking further and further away when I was thinking about having to walk there alone - and we had the most uplifting and lively conversation as we shared breakfast together.

One hour later, our bikes were ready and with a hug and a prayer for safe travel; my angel, Mike, went his way and I headed home.

Thank you, Lord, for your provision in our day-to-day lives.


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