Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 - Bye Bye

Looks like another year is gone.

Started out in an apartment.
Almost divorced - ha!
Moved into our new house.
Graduated a daughter from high school.
Moved offices at work - twice.
Learned how to blog!
First Thanksgiving in new house.
Buried a good friend.
First Christmas in new house.
Discovered genealogy.

Still married - *smile*
Still love the Lord.
Life is good!

Happy 2011 everyone!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Come Climb My Tree

For the last week or so I've been obsessed with researching my family tree.  I finally decided to start another blog dedicated to that pursuit.

You can find it here.

My personal posts will still go here ..  all genealogy stuff with go over there ..

Who am I ?  I'm finding out some neat things!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Goodbye Lynda ...

I've been largely absent in mind and spirit this week.

Last Friday, December 10, 2010, a dear friend and co-worker died of a massive brain hemorrhage.  She wasn't the epitome of health, in fact had many issues, and was in fact here in the hospital when she died.  They were preparing to discharge her when she collapsed.

An unlikely friendship, she and I.  She was in her 60s, I'm in my forties.  She was a Director, I am a peon.  She was a total cat person, I'm a dog person.  She was driven, hyper, a work-a-holic, I am pretty laid back and you pretty much get 40 hour a week out of me .. period.  She was Catholic, I am a non-denominational Christian.

Our friendship started more than 11 years ago and over the years we have worked together, we have shared work and personal lives, we vented about our work aggravations, we leaned on each other, supported and ragged on each other.  It was just "us"..  we could be ourselves with each other.

No matter how sick she was, or how much she hurt or didn't feel like it, there was always a smile on her face and she was always at work -- unless she was in the hospital, or they forbid her to come in.

I knew she was declining.  I knew she was sick more than she was well.  But I was caught so off guard.

I visited her on Wednesday in the hospital.. we joked and laughed about her obsessing over her husband while SHE was in the hospital ...  I didn't make it there on Thursday.  Friday morning when I arrived in my office, I had another co-worker there to tell me that "they coded Lynda this morning"..

Everything happened fast after that .. but we all knew she was gone.  Her son arrived that afternoon from Denver, they took her off the vent .. she was really gone by 7pm.

I will miss her everyday..  she was a HUGE part of my life at work.  I find peace in knowing that she knows and loves the Lord ..  but I'm selfish, and want her back.

Goodbye Lynda ..  I hope you know how much you are missed.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Gettin' My Craft On.

So, we're getting eggs every day.  Pretty eggs.  Pale blue, light green, olive green, "pink" ...   Seems a shame to just crack them and throw the shells away.  But what to do??

Apparently people who have been doing this "chicken thing" longer than I have, already know the answer.

I'm a member of an oline forum for chicken lovers called Backyard Chickens (see the "my pet made me breakfast" button to you right).  Here's what I've learned about "What to do with all those pretty egg shells".

First you blow out the yolk and let the egg dry.

Then you can paint, decorate, or just gloss those pretty eggs.  Add end caps and pretty ribbon to hang and you have homemade decorations.

Mine aren't done, but they are a start.

For more ideas, better instructions,  and pages and pages of pretty egg decorations, go here:

BYC- Gettin' Your Craft On Thread

Now, I need to go finish the ones I've started so I can have decorations (by NEXT Christmas) ....

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Today a Year Ago - Thursday Blog Hop


We were living in an apartment, watching the progress on our house.  Thank GOD that is all over.  Here is the post from one year ago:

Quick house update .. the plumber finally decided to do some work this week .. not much .. but at least he's working .. Here are a couple exciting shots.. :P

This is our master toilet .. :D

And shower..

Meanwhile, back at the apartment --  We wish you a Merry Christmas .. and a fun time was had by all! 

Cranberries and Popcorn

And COOKIES ....

DD12's cookies

DD17'S cookies

DH's cookies :rolleyes: :D

The best part of the night for me was when DD17 hugged me and said "It's really great to spend time with ya'll."

We've been so busy, I guess they feel somewhat neglected.

A great nite!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Traditions Blog Hop


It's beginning to look alot like ... CHRISTMAS!!

The decorating has begun.

Table Arrangements.
The Mantle
I'm not really sure what the little alien is doing to the sheep - kids?!?!  I didn't even notice that when I was taking the picture..  lol

But one of our family "traditions" is to go cut a live tree and decorate it.  This year the participation was lean.  Aaron doesn't live with us anymore, Shannon was busy with college homework, so it was Julie, Steve and I.  A lovely visit to a different tree farm this year and we found the "perfect" tree.

I hope everyone is enjoying the season as much as I am.


Lap-rador Deceiver

I don't know .. when we bought her, I thought we were getting a LABRADOR RETRIEVER  ..  she doesn't retrieve and she hates to be cold ..

I think she's a LAP-rador DECIEVER ...

What do you think??