Monday, September 13, 2010

That's a chicken ??

Chickens are a fairly new venture for me, but in typical "me" fashion I'm somewhat obsessed!  I have studied and read and lived chickens for about a year now.  I love getting farm fresh eggs and especially love the variety of colored eggs chickens can lay:

What I don't get are chickens that don't look like chickens.  I swore I would never own a Silkie, a Frizzle, or a Sizzle feathered chicken.  I don't like Turkens.  Chickens should look like chickens, right??

So how, when I went to pick up 2 rabbits from a friend, did 2 silkie chickens end up in my truck??  "Oh, Julie will LOVE these!" she says as she puts them in the carrying cage ..

What??  These are the most ridiculous excuse for a chicken I've ever seen!  They don't even act right.  They are DOCILE, QUIET, and make little "beep beep" noises.  They're SOFT and CUDDLY ..  and they are laying ..........

Are you seeing anything NEGATIVE about this??  Yeah, me neither.  They actually are pretty nice little birds .. 

Welcome home Silkies.


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