Saturday, September 25, 2010

Miracles .. continued.

Earlier this week while at Wal-Mart, I noticed a lady and her teenage daughter in the next check-out lane with 3 or 4 baskets full of groceries.  The sheer numbers of soup cans, mac-n-cheese boxes, canned milk and cereal told me that something was up.  So I asked.

It seems this young teenage lady was in the French club at her highschool and they individually raised money to donate to charities around the county.  This young lady raised almost 300.00 and was buying food for our local food bank.  And buying Wal-Mart brand products can get you a LOT of groceries for 300.00.

After a brief exchange with her mother, I walked over and told the girl how much I appreciated what she was doing.  We hugged and I walked away humbled and tearful -- with my basket full of fall decorations, candy, and an 8.00 frozen entree' for dinner.  How much more could I have done with that money?



~The sun rising everyday .. keeping us not-to-hot and not-to-cold for human survival.
~A flower blooming, supplying nutrient to an insect, which in turn pollinates the flower.
~A perfectly formed chick hatching from an otherwise non-desript egg -- in just 21 days.
~The instinct of a well bred hunting dog!
~The kindness of strangers.
~No pain.



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