Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Special Delivery.

Eggs.  They are pretty special anyway.  It amazes me everyday that I can bring eggs from the coop to the kitchen.  You see, as long as the girls are IN the coop, they lay their eggs IN their nest boxes.

On the weekends, I let them free range while we are home and in and out of the house.  We have 5+ acres, but they mostly hang out around the house, grazing on the grass, eating bugs and hanging out in the shade.

When one of them feels the urge to lay, they run around frantically looking for a place to lay.  We've found eggs under the tarp on our trailer, on the workbench in the garage, in the corner of the garage ..  But I noticed that they like to come up onto the stoop, the closest door to our kitchen, and lay behind a potted plant. 

One day I took a couple 2x4s, nailed them together and just set them in the corner, adding some shavings.

Well, you should have seen the excitement.  The girls had to check it out, the rooster had to check it out and immediately it became their favorite place to lay when they are free-ranging.  When one hen is in the box, the roo and the other girls can come up onto the steps and cheer her on.  It's quite a show.

And the best part about it is when we hear the "egg song", we know we have just been given another "SPECIAL DELIVERY" ....  a perfect blue or green egg ..... right at our back door.

Thank you, girls~!


  1. So adorable!! I fixed your hummingbirds email me if you need anything as BYC is acting odd on my phone since the ISSUE! lol