Friday, September 24, 2010


Webster defines miracles as:

1. an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs
2. an extremely outstanding or unusual event, thing, or accomplishment

The parting of the red sea?  Turning water into wine?  Raising Lazarus from the dead?

Do we miss miracles in our lives every day because they aren't of the biblical magnitude?  Oh, I've witnessed and experienced God's supernatural miraculous hand on more than a few occassions, but I'm talking about the things that we miss in our day to day lives.

I've witnessed two miracles this week that both made me weep with joy.  I believe some of the greatest miracles today are when God  USES PEOPLE to step in and change people's lives.

This week, someone very close to me had a little device implanted into his body with electrodes attached to nerves that send impulse that block the pain receptors to his brain.  Basically fooling his brain into thinking he has no pain.

He has been struggling for several years with debilitating pain in his arms and leg due to late-onset Muscular Dystrophy. Hours after the surgery, when I spoke to him on the phone, he told me that for the first time in years he had NO PAIN in his arms and legs.

Who dreams up these things??  Something that can change someone's life from incapacitating to functioning again ??
After we hung up, I sat at my desk wept with joy, thanking God.

A miracle and an answer to prayer  -- 

I love you Dad.


Continued tomorrow ....


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