Tuesday, September 21, 2010

So, does this make me the "First Lady" ??

Sunday afternoon at 2pm, Steve and I attended our local Property Owners Association Annual Meeting.

Now, technically, I guess we've been members for 2 years, as we've owned the land that long, but we have been living out there for just over 5 months.

Sparing the details, we left the meeting with Steve having been elected President of the Association ..

Hmmm .. does that make me the "First Lady" .. ?  I wonder.

This wouldn't be so funny except that this particualy Association has a reputation for being a really really big pain in the butt and we've had our own issues with them.

However, with the folks that are now off the board and the new people elected to the board (Steve wasn't the only one) it looks like this could be turning around.

The Association is supposed to SERVE the owners, yes????

Should be an INTERESTING year!


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