Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day Three - The Three Sisters

Good morning...

We did the unthinkable ..  we stayed at a Bed and BREAKFAST and skipped out before breakfast.... eeeek!  Breakfast was at 9:00 and, well, we had a full day of riding to do so we split shortly after the above sunrise.

Stopping briefly in Kerrville for breakfast at Del Norte Restaurant (where I dubbed the place "Where Service Still Matters") we headed out toward our ride destination.

SR 39  out of Ingram was an exciting surprise.  This little windy road ran along the Guadalupe River and crossed it about a dozen times along the way.  I quickly realized the frustration of being in a beautiful setting yet riding your own motorcycle.  Lack of a free hand, combined with very few places to safely pull off the road, came with a realization that my pictures were going to be fewer than I had planned, but I would try to make them worth it.

The Three Sisters

Tx SRs 335, 336, 337.  100 miles of windy, twisty, hilly roads ...  a bikers destination that did not disappoint.  335 is all up and down and sometimes called "The Roller Coaster".  336 is full of twisties with a solid wall on one side and a sheer cliff on the other .. exciting a beautiful ..  We dubbed 337 the "Sleepy Sister" ..it was a bit of a break from the other two ..

Again, both hands on the handlebars and few places to safely stop .. but I managed to get these:

Couldn't be complete without a tarantula, huh?

Lunch at Mama Chole's in Leakey

We ended up in Rocksprings, which put us about 80 miles from the Mexican border, before heading back to Comfort.  Arriving shortly after dark, we retired quickly - exhausted - and vowing to start tomorrow much slower and enjoy breakfast before leaving Comfort behind us.

The end of a mile-eating day on the motorcycles..  our reason for this vacation .. and the satisfaction of having ridden the Three Sisters..
Goodbye Day Three.

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