Monday, October 25, 2010

Holekamp House - Comfort, Tx

We arrived the afternoon of day two ...  and wow!  Greeted at the door by our hosts (and the owners) John and Mary, and shown to our room - Cecilia's Sunrise Room upstairs.  TWO queen beds and plenty of room to sit and stretch out ..  fresh baked cookies on the night stand ..  we were home (for the next two nights anyway).

The breakfast table.

A quick trip into Comfort netted us a bottle of  Singing Waters Vineyards "Sweet Lupe".  We really bought the bottle because of the cute Yellow Lab on the label .. but it was JUST the kind of wine that we like ..  a semi-sweet merlot.  Description on the bottle reads:

"With a sugar content of about 3%, Sweet Lupe emerges with a wet nose, sturdy legs, a regal body and a playful exuberance. She always delivers a soft, sweet finish. Sweet Lupe is a semi-sweet Merlot. Enjoy!"

We arrived in Comfort on the opening weekend of the Scarecrow Invasion. Although there weren't many (and Steve seemed to not be in the mood for scarecrow hunting) I did manage to snap a few shots.

After dinner at a little family-owned place called Gunther's (where I had the most TENDER pork tenderloin I've ever had) we sat in the swing on the front porch of the B&B and began to enjoy our bottle of Sweet Lupe. 

Much to our delight and surprise, John and Mary joined us (after asking permission) for some lively conversation and GREAT history lessons about the area.  John is  a fabulous historian.

Then two other guests, Marion and Evelyn, joined us also and it was just a beautiful cool evening filled with laughter and joy - made complete by  a half dozen deer that wandered through the front yard.

A beautiful end to day two.


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