Wednesday, November 10, 2010


(I'll have to finish our vacation posts when I can get some time on the computer with all the pics ..  moving on now.)

Sunday my "big" chickens were harassing my bantams ..  relentlessly.  For those that don't know chickens, they can be really vicious to each other!

One of my bantams, Sparkle, discovered that she could hop onto the bantam coop and then to the swing-up windows on the big coop.  She stayed up there and watched the action below --  large mean chickens growling and chasing her "sisters" around the woods.

"Hey!  Look where I am!"

"...  and look where YOU are!"

"I'm so special!"

Fortunately chickens have short attention spans, so pretty quickly the big girls forgot why they were harassing the bantams and went on about their foraging ..  Sparkle was able to join her flock and life was peaceful again.

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  1. Hey girl! You girls are so pretty! I see you r still at the blogging! Sorry I havent gotten around to say hi, things got crazy around here.
    Tiffany @ Wyatt Family Farm