Friday, October 8, 2010

A Glimpse of the Small Town I Love.

Montgomery, Texas. 

When I moved out here 22 years ago, Montgomery was an intersection of two two-lane Texas farm roads with a gas station on each corner, a donut shop, and some antique shops.  Everyone knew everyone - and everyone's business.  You could still buy stuff at the feed store and sign a ticket for credit.

Now we are 5 lanes in two directions, grocery store, gas stations, and McDonald's where cow pastures used to be.  Just down the road are apartment complexes, and a Walmart.  Businessess are thriving and weekends are busy in this small town. 

And while progress isn't neccesarily a bad thing, it does cause a town to lose that "small town" feel and some days I can go into Montgomery and not see anyone I know.  -- shocking, right??

So, today when I filled my truck up at the gas station in front of the grocery store - you know, the one with 24 pumps -- I was surprised and touched by a glimpse of that small town I love.

We have to back up more than two weeks ago when my daughter and I had to rendezvous at that same gas station so we could both fill up. 

I was on the motorcycle and was waiting on her.  The little man that works the service booth at the station was sweeping and such and we had a little conversation until she showed up.  After filling, I took off on the motorcycle only to realize on the other side of Montgomery that I didn't have my sunglasses on.  I had left them on top of the pump.

Already running late, I decided to ride on into work without them and just stop at Target on the way home and buy another pair .. which I did.

Fast forward to today .. I'm in my truck filling up and the little man walks up to chat (he is a friendly bloke) and he says "Don't you have a motorcycle?" .. I replied "Oh yes, but it's been a little chilly for me to ride in the mornings."  He says "I have your sunglasses."

This dear sweet man found my sunglasses after I pulled out two weeks ago and had put them in a ziplock bag.

"I figured I'd see you again sometime."  he says.  "Have a nice day!"

God, I love these small towns .........


  1. I had no idea you were so close to me. I worked at the Montgomery Co. Courthouse for 7 years before i moved to San Jacinto co.

    We still have a little bit more of that hometown feel here.....once one of the feed store clerks offered to leave a sack of feed out for me to just pick up after they closed. Made me feel warm and fuzzy.

  2. How many stoplights does Montgomery have?

    And you ride a motorcycle? Woohoo!