Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"The Divine Chromosome"

October is National Down Syndrome Awareness Month.

A few weeks ago I happened upon a blog called Daily Smiles .  This beautiful blog lead me from link to link and blog to blog about one Down Syndrome child after another; the joys and challenges of parenting; processes of adopting; and medical issues of children with this chromosome disorder.

Although not a parent of a Down Syndrome child, I have known several and interacted with many.  There is something undescribably special about these children (and adults).  Emotions are pure, love is genuine, joy is tangible.

I could never say it as lovely as Doug Billings did in his article Down Syndrome and the Devine Chromosome.  His writing about his son, Michael, is a "have to" read.  A small excert is as follows:

"He has something inside of him that purges prejudice, eliminates personality venom, deletes pride and encourages happiness, promotes joy and sustains unconditional love.
If we each had just a little bit of what these people have in them, the world would be a better place."


"To identify what it is about these special people that allow us to glimpse the divine isn't difficult. It's something most of us pursue and long for - even if only subconsciously. It's the purity and innocence they have within them.
I suppose I could credit that small, extra chromosome #21 for this. That's why I call it the "divine chromosome"."

There is more to this disorder, and these children,  than their unique physical features, their medical conditions, and their delay in development. 

Doug nails it perfectly in his article.


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