Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Stolen Life - by Jaycee Dugard

"I don't believe in hate. To me it wastes too much time. People who hate waste so much of their life hating that they miss out on all the other stuff out here." ~Jaycee Dugard.

I want to say, first of all, that I'm glad to be blogging again .. AND I'm excited to be READING again ..
I used to be an avid reader, and then my eyes started getting more and more stressed with reading. So, in May, I got GLASSES .. whoot! Although it took several weeks to get used to the progressive lenses, I just don't know what I did before .. obviously: NOT READING.

So I bought a book Monday evening. A Stolen Life, by Jaycee Dugard. I finished it last night. Wow. What an amazing, brave, strong young woman.

The quote at the top of the column is a great quote, but coming from someone that was held captive for 18 years and repeatedly raped from age 11, it is an amazing testament to the strength of the human soul.  The ability to not become a victim of HATE, the power to forgive.  The power to LIVE and not let your soul be eaten away with hate and bitterness...  I don't know if I could be that person.

March 16, 2007 (In her 16th year of captivity.)

"Affirmation to counteract the negative feelings I have inside:
1.  I am a creative, positive, successful, and happy person.
2.  I can achieve anything I set my mind on.
4.  I am a strong and capable person.
6. I will have a strong and healthy body and mind.
7. Anything and everything is possible with love.
11.  I will make it a habit to be happy.
13. Today is a glorious day.
15. I make every day a positive day."  ~Jaycee Dugard

(Missing numbers are my choice,  I chose the ones that spoke to me as well.)

God forgive me .. what have I got to complain about??


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