Friday, December 10, 2010

Gettin' My Craft On.

So, we're getting eggs every day.  Pretty eggs.  Pale blue, light green, olive green, "pink" ...   Seems a shame to just crack them and throw the shells away.  But what to do??

Apparently people who have been doing this "chicken thing" longer than I have, already know the answer.

I'm a member of an oline forum for chicken lovers called Backyard Chickens (see the "my pet made me breakfast" button to you right).  Here's what I've learned about "What to do with all those pretty egg shells".

First you blow out the yolk and let the egg dry.

Then you can paint, decorate, or just gloss those pretty eggs.  Add end caps and pretty ribbon to hang and you have homemade decorations.

Mine aren't done, but they are a start.

For more ideas, better instructions,  and pages and pages of pretty egg decorations, go here:

BYC- Gettin' Your Craft On Thread

Now, I need to go finish the ones I've started so I can have decorations (by NEXT Christmas) ....

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  1. Deb, those are AWESOME! My most treasured tree ornament is an egg ornament made for me by an aquaintance in 1985 or so. Unbelievably detailed and perfect, more so for the human care that went into it.