Monday, August 30, 2010

Off to College ...

.. No, not ME ...  my daughter.  And, well, not really "OFF" to college .. she is living at home and driving to community college.  But, she IS taking 14 credit hours, so it IS a full credit load! 

I'm so proud of her.

Of course, the real shocker came a few weeks ago when we discovered that we are OUT-of DISTRICT for the community college in our own community **rolls eyes** ..  And then, of course, there were BOOKS .. eeeeeeek!

At any rate, I'm excited for her and can't wait to hear all about her day!

I love you Shannon!

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  1. That is so awesome girl!!! I bet she had a great day!! Bet you wanted to go with her and make sure it all went well. I know I will when my kids are old enough!