Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Goodbye August ....

... can't say I'll miss ya much!

It seems so inconceivable that just a few short months ago I was complaining about the cold and wet.  I was soooo tired of being COLD and WET .. looking forward to WARMER weather ..

Just like every year, it is now August and we are tired of heat indexes up in the triple digits and we need rain.  It is sooo thick with humidity and heat that every breath becomes a struggle .. being outside is just miserable.

Those few not-so-hot-and-humid days we had last week really has me longing for cooler days.  All the animals were feeling it .. being frisky .. showing visible signs of relief in their activity level and food intake.  I know they, too, will be relieved to be done with this heat.

There were fall garden plants at the feed store yesterday.  I looked at our garden area (still producing okra like crazy) and imagined how we will arrange the fall plants and recognize our need to do a better job of protecting them. 

School has started, September is here, cooler weather and the holidays are around the corner.  I'm eyeballing my fall decorations .. when is too early to put them out??  Mine start making an appearance and the first sign of cooler weather.

Ah ..... cooler weather.

So, GOODBYE AUGUST.  See ya next year!


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